The Affiliate JetSet Academy: 4-C Formula



Learn how to launch your first profitable ONLINE OR Home Business. Learn the basics to Online marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social media mastery and Lead Generation. In this course, you will also discover: How you can Handle prospects or Brands objections to your business informationand start to Close your Leads like a Pro. Thus Boosting Your Sales. We’ll get you Creating your online assets, incluing a Facebook Fan page that attracts leads and your very own targeted tribe. Its very simple and every Home Business Owner or Small Business Owner should be doing it! This is your Ultimate 4-C Formula to Online Marketing success, a Shortcut to Branding & List Building.


“Finally Discover The Secret To Building A Lifestyle Business, Leading To Constant flow of Residual-Income!” 

I’d like to share with you something that’s of vital importance to your success as a Home Business Entrepreneur and Internet Marketer so you can have a an automated business working for you 24/7 while you chill.  

It’s important because it’s the main reason most marketers fail to profit in their first few years online – if at all.  

And because you’ve proven yourself to be someone who is serious about their internet marketing career, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Here it is.  

Going through the motions of being a successful entreprenuer, home business owner, internet marketer or blogger and having the right tools, software, courses, video training and eBooks, doesn’t make you a successful one!  

Now I shall get to what makes you a successful internet marketng entrepreneur, but….Before we get to that, answer me honestly…  

- Are you passionate about creating your own Dream lifestyle business that thrives and grows, providing you with a life of freedom? - Does it seem like no matter which course you buy and implement, or Guru you follow, you still don’t end up with real sustainable progress? - Are you ready to stop jumping from one shiny object to another and finally start to generate leads and build the long-term lifestyle business of your dreams?  

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"If You gave A Resounding YES To Any Of The above Questions, What's Held You Back So Far?


When we first got into the Home Business industry and internet marketing, we had dreams of the 4 hour week ala Tim Ferris, being able to sleep in daily, and have everything completely automated so all we would have to do is check our Bank account or PayPal to see how much money we’d made while we slept!  

It sure seemed as though every business training course and marketing promise we bought into promised us exactly that…  

All we had to do was follow training system, and start seeing passive monthly income flowing like a river on complete auto-pilot allowing us to enjoy massive time freedom for years to come.  

That was the dream 5 years ago…The reality was something quite different… And it took us almost 18 months to realize this. We knew we either find a way to build a home business right, generate leads, build our list and create the lifestyle we actually dreamed of…OR….well there was no Or…failure is not in our vocabulary!  

So we spent the next few months studying business models, sales funnels, Social Media Marketing, Fell in Love ith Pinterest, Got more courses from The Real McCoy Trainers to learn how they do it…and Its been a journey.  

After months of trial and error we finally stumbled across something that works. And to be honest, we were shocked to find how close we’d been the entire time. And once we finally had a system in place…we put it to work. And our lives have since changed dramatically! We started seeing results...Life is Is an exciting Journey now...And we want to share the Blueprint with you

This is what some of the 4-C Formula fans say....

Amazing Ways to Increase Our Affiliate Income. Who Wouldn't want this info? Thanks for bringing the value again and again You Guys. ~ Emily La Grange, Scotland UK!

I really Enjoyed the Training, I am relatively New to the Home Business Space, and I am already doing some of the 4-Cs more consciously and Moving closer to my goals every day. I love your Energy, Passion and Mission to Help  others Succeed. ~ Keenly Bookish, USA

Online and Social Media, is the Hottest place to Share & Build Your Business…Are You Getting The Results You Want Right Now? 

This IS WHAT WE ARE Going to help You Out With! 

The The Affiliate Jetset Academy is Your secret affiliate road map. It is a system we developed to work for the real person, like you. People with jobs, financial and family responsibilities & commitments. Heck, I was working 48+ hours a week & creating this system! And, we’ve designed it to work very quickly because, let’s be honest – if you’re at all like us, you need to start getting the results Soonest!  

We can tell you with confidence that you will not need much else to get you progressing in your Online or Home Business and start getting your brand up.  

You may have noticed, most people out there aren’t teaching the whole picture. WHY?

Check out the video and see for yourself how easy it is to CONNECT with people and Start a conversation that leads to a business presentation in less than 10 minutes.

So that’s why we’ve crafted and done our darnedest to give you our ‘Personal Coaching and Mastermind Experience’ by documenting EVERYTHING We do to create a Viable profit producing Affiliate JetSet Academy – 4-C Formula to your lifestyle business. Please be advised that there are quite a few moving parts to making this all work harmoniously…  

…we detail each one step-by-step in the Training members area...


Imagine Taking Your Family to Hawaii for 3 weeks of Pure Fun...

  • Waking up every morning to Notifications of Leads and Sales in your email inbox. People excited to hear from and learn more about your business. 
  • You get to talk to people who love your work, respect and look up to you and want to do business with you. 
  • No longer having to chase deadbeat tire kickers or chasing your family and friends. Imagine never having to have a coffee shop meeting unless you want to! 
  • You walking the stage, after hitting leader board after leader board, at your next company event, with more people asking you, “How did you get all these results?” 
  • Automating your business so you can do the things you want like travel, stay at home with your children and have quality time with them. Take your parents on a vacation… 
  • You can be the Leader that other People want to do business with And your leads and sales keep coming. 
  • WHat I We old you this is Possible even if you are New and Have no Online experience? 

In short, The Affiliate JetSet Academy is a game changer. Because when WE FINALLY got past our initial frustrations, challenge and failures; and learned how to do things the right way - Our business shifted like overnight....

—- The Affiliate JetSet Academy —-

Inside this program, we’ll cover our entire business model from start to finish, over the course of 4-FULLY Packed Modules Wrapped Aound the 4-C Formula or Conept...  

By the end of this training, you’ll be able to start from scratch, build your business up to a high five figure, and if you raise the Bar anything is possible by the end of the year…  

…and from there, the sky is truly NOT the limit.  

This Fully Online Immediately accessible Training Program Will Allow You To:  

– Create A Sustainable Home Business – Learn How To Systematize and Automate the Entire Business – And Continually Grow It Into Your Own Marketing Empire


Here’s What the 4-C Formula means for you:  

IT is centered around the 4 Cs Thus the Modules. Make No Mistake they ar fully loaed wimultiple setions, audio and videos trainings and downloadable resources:  

  • CONNECT0r – Magnet 
  • COLLABORATE - Break Through Factory
  • CROSS BOUNDARIES - Profit maximizer

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The 4-C Formula to Automate your Online Marketing and Generate that First 10k  



Foundation: Cracking the code ON Finding your Ideal clients i.e. CONNECTING with your audience or tribe. Learning what makes them tick, what keeps them awake, what inspires them and what are they looking for. This is how you can become an unstoppable force in their lives and Yours!  

- We show you how to use proven principles and techniques to boost your efforts in reaching out on the social media and online platforms  

- the secret to starting a conversation that gets you a decision – You are a Professional Conversation starter and Decision collector. So how do you become this amazing person! I show you how. - key rookie mistakes to avoid - and much more...  

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In this segment, we show you how to Facilitate the enrolment and sales Conversation with ease. - The mindset and psychology behind prospects’ buying decisions. - How to Drive Endless Traffic to your Offers and COMMUNICATE effectively thus getting more conversions: Skyrocket your traffic, list, sales, rankings, and profits with this four-step process  

- The exact step-by-step system to find and communicate with your prospects and leads – without going around on a hit and miss mission - how to promote your offers and content like a rock-star, and which platforms are the best to spend your bung - a simple strategy to double, triple, or quadruple your visibility – without spending a penny - My Simple yet effective strategy to diffuse prospects ad client objections before they arise. - and much more...  

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Build your Network Platform: Step-by-step, how to Build your online brand: Step-by-step, how I grew our online assets in less than 18 months. And how you can do it even faster  

- the proven system to get Traffic from social media platforms ONTO your website and your mailing list  

- the step-by-step process to turn your website into a money-making machine 24/7  

- the proven system to find JV partners and collaborators to lock arms with, build a massive list and build a strong team in your home business.  

- and much much more... 

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How to SELL without being “PUSHY OR SPAMMY”, and generate that residual income (on autopilot)  

- why building Relationships is way more important than going for a quick sale  

- how to get your audience clamouring for your offers, without being salesy  

- the 5 reasons Your Prospects don’t buy your products or join your team and how to change that.  

- and more...

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You’ll also have free and open Skype, Zoom and Facebook access to Us and other members, just in case you need a little extra help!  

That way you’ve got the very best information, the greatest support when you need it (we’re always happy to help!) all at a price you can most certainly afford!  

That means you’ll still stand the highest probability of making it as a Home Business Owner and internet marketer…without having to sell your Precious property first.  

  So are you still passionate about creating a life of freedom…? If you’re sick of jumping from one program to another (shiny object syndrome)… And if you’re at last ready to build the lifestyle business of your dreams…  


  • Our Proven Methods for creating lead magnets quickly and efficiently, so you won’t have to wait more than a few hours to see your very first subscribers!  
  • A Proven Step-By-Step System to building a VERY profitable business, plus a complete Blueprint for scaling it to however large you choose!  
  • Examples of incredible high converting sales funnels, which you can replicate to make sure you always get the most from your launch  
  • What To Do when you’re unknown in the Internet Marketing world, and how to gain a fast and loyal following without doing it the hard way.  
  • In other words, for the driven Home Business Entrepreneurs. In This COURSE, You Get the edge in: Ninja Email Marketing, Leveraged Lead Generation from Social Media, Twitter Marketing, Branding You Inc., Video marketing, Blogging and how to get your first 1000 subscribers, PPC & Solo Ad, Our email swipes and Much Much More.  


So If You Want To:  

– Have The Ability To Generate real targeted traffic or leads and create A True Online Income… – Work Just A Few Hours Per Week To Sustain A Lifestyle you Design… – Create a Brand and Have Floods Of Marketers/Brands COMING TO YOU To Promote YOUR Offer...  

Then The Affilte JetSet Acdemy 4-C Forula and Training Program is PERFECT for you!  

  But This Won’t Apply To Everyone, So:  

– If You’re Just Looking For ‘The Easy Way Out’… – Not Willing To Put In Any Effort At All,… – Are You Expecting Six Figures By Next week…  

  … Then this Training wont probably won’t be a good fit for you. WHY???  

  Because To get this right, and to really enjoy the internet lifestyle, you need to be willing to put in some time and the effort.  

  It’s the same for anything that’ll actually earn you a living, especially something that makes five figures so achievable.  

  Building a real legitimate business is a grind. It’s enough for most folks to give up on their dream of building a sustainable lifestyle business altogether.  

  It’s easy to say ‘it doesn’t have to be this way’…But it DOES! IF you keep on with the same methods and training the rest of the world does.  

BUT We’ve broken down our unique method into 4 Easy to Follow Modules so it can be easily analyzed and repeated by anyone.  

This means you’ll be able to replicate and build out this system at a rare countless times faster and easier than your competition.  


IMAGINE Waking Up Every Morning to a Business that Grows By the day, To leads and Sales...& Much More 

These goals are very realistic and achievable...Even if you’re brand new or haven’t created much success yet.  

If you have a great product or business, that you are passionate about, this is very simple to leverage and build upon as you will have the right steps. You will literally be looking over my Shoulder as I take you step-by-step to reate that first 10K+. As someone leading you that knows what they’re doing, I hope to inspire you to hit the next level in your business.

One of the BIGGESTS REASONS why I LOVE teaching these steps to people Like YOU...  

Once someone gets the taste of having traffic, leads and a Business that Loves YOU and Produces RESULTS... His is MY MISSION, I get So Excited when hear the excitement in your voice.  

If we’ve never met and you’re wondering who I am to make such statements and what qualifies me to teach you how to create your first fi figure month or year... Allow me to explain...  

I Can Help You...But Who am I?

My name is Julie Syl Kalungi and I’ve been teaching home business owners how to grow their incomes via social media for over 4 years now. And Blogging, Video Mareting and Pinterest are my Favorite and Most effective platforms for Massive Targeted Traffic.  

I've Used Online Techniques,Espeally SocialMedia To help me: - Attract over 3000 Blog Visitors Per blog Per day in just a few short Months, generating over 10 leads a day from Our various Online Assets!  

- Got Brand exposure, Interviews and Coaching deals through my Online Marketing efforts.  

- Connected with some amazing people through my Online Brand!  

- Authored a Book and become highly recognized and well respected with clients who continue to buy our services.  

- Built habits and relationships that have boosted my websites traffic, helped my sales in a major way. 

Would you like results like Ours?

If you’re like many of the Home Business owners and Internet Marketers I deal with every day...some of this might sound familiar... • YOU are spending money on countless courses and seeing no results • YOU worry about missing out on new marketing trends, but all of it sounds so confusing and technical • YOU don’t have enough interested people to talk to about your business or you just get time wasters • YOU don’t know how to promote yourself online properly • YOU don’t know how to present your product or service in a valuable engaging way • YOU don’t know how to attract and build up a list of followers on Social Media that want to spend money with you

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Literally just an hour from now, you may have already discovered the first of many revelations that’ll transform your Online Internet Marketing career forever.  

Let us be absolutely clear here… This is not a ‘cheap’ training program.  

This isn’t something you can pick up for the price of a burger and expect to change your life. This incredibly rare training is aimed at serious marketers who are willing to put in the necessary time an effort. We’ve seen time and time again, people with incredible information under their noses, who do nothing with it.  

OUR personal coaching sells for $1,000+.  

We could setup your website & business for you for $2,000.  

And even then, you’d likely see a 300% ROI.  

But if you’re dedicated to joining the Top 3% Of Earners In The World, and you’re willing to put in the legwork yourself… we see no reason why you wont succeed and eat the fruits!  

So for complete access to The Affiliate JetSet Academy Training Program…($657 Value MINIMUM)  

Plus Monthly Facebook Support For As Long As You’re A Member…($197 Value PER MONTH)  

We could easily charge $69 a month…  

And it wouldn’t even be too much to ask if we charged only $47 a month…  

But to reward you for Taking Action Today, you can Grab The AJA Program For a Steal, a ONE TIME payment of Just:


Do this today ...and Get An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition The secrets to setting up Traffic exploding and lead generating Pinterest Assets are known to very few people. You can get a jump on your competition right now and gather momentum on your Offers before the competition knows what happened. The sooner you start the better. This is Your Moment  

Option #1: You can of course do nothing here but if you do nothing – nothing will change. If you’re struggling to get traffic to and leads in your business right now and to get noticed....Things will only get worse. You may struggle to get your product or service the respect it deserves. Setting yourself up on social media the right way to grow your business will still be confusing and your competition can race ahead and take the lion’s share of your market...leaving you struggling to get by and reach your goals. Or worse still - having to go back to your day job. 

Option #2: would be to go it alone and set your own Pinterest Marketing up by yourself-but if you’re on this page right now I’m guessing that did not work out so far. Setting a Pinterest account is simple...but setting up a Pinterest for Business and Profit Asset to attract leads and grow your business, engagement and profits takes some instruction to get it right.

  Otherwise you end like other people...with Dead end Pinterest profiles that do nothing, get no leads, engagement or profits. 

Option #3: here is a real no brainer...You take a tiny 100% risk free decision to try out The Ultimate Pinterest Road-Map and just watch the Traffic, Leads and sales come through over the coming Months. 

We know what it’s like starting out and we’ve been where you are now - so we wanted to keep the price within reach of anyone who really wants to see a change in their business. Our plan at the moment is to the leave the price at $197 until such time as we get a certain amount of students on board. Then We will raise the price to $297.  

Act now to lock down the lowest price possible ($217.91) for this offer Or TWO Equal Installments of $137.  

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Here’s What To Do Now

For the Increible Value You Are Getting Today, Simply click the Enrol button below. You will then be taken to a payment page and after you enter your details you will be sent an email with instant access to all the videos, resources...And amazing bonuses.  



The incredible value that you get today is $3,657  

But because We are super excited to welcome you (and watch you build and create your First Sales Funnel to that 10K+ in just a few weeks) we are giving you the opportunity to enroll in The Affiliate JetSet Academy TODAY at the special promo price of just...





My Personal Guarantee  



And there’s absolutely no risk to Enroll. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee I am so Confident that You’ll love this Training that AFTER you go through the Entire Program & you Implement the Steps, you don’t feel you got the value you paid for, please send me an email within the 30 days of your purchase and I will gladly Refund you your money, minus processing fees! 

You can get started with The Affiliate JetSet Academy right now below. We'll see you in our Private Marketing Mastermind.


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