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JetSet Academy Coaching Program ("JAC IGNITE")

Take the Stress out of Your Business Growth 

  •  IGNITE - 5 weeks of Coaching with a World Class High performance coach, who is also A Breakthrough Strategist to save you time, so you can focus on what you are good at and create an Income that Supports your Lifestyle!
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Do you want to awaken your Dream Soul Clients and Business? 

Do you want to do what fires you up with Clarity and Consistency?  

Do you want to feel supported and guided to create your life’s work?  

Chances are you have Plans, Ideas, a mission and maybe you feel that you’re not living up to your Best vision of yourself.  

You probably want to be in a state of Productivity Commanidng your Paycheck all the while excited about what you do.  

You’re seeking Clarity, Focus, a Roadmap to your freedom.  

You want to develop your Products or Service to help others with your Giftings without the yo-yo Feast-to-famine effect!  

You want to WORK at Your PACE as Your Own Boss. Or Grow in Your Career, Vocation or Ministry, And buy back some time to relax, rest, and repair as you up-level your value in the world...

I realised I was procrastinating on many things. I had slowed down in my action, especially with my online presence for my business. I realised that there is no such thing as later and I decided to Show up and cast one stone at a time to build my business. Following Julie Syl’s Video Training. I now got a group of 5 corporate clients and made a new product sale too.


Remember in School you had a teacher/s who pushed you to get those grades? At work you have that manager or You are that person…My Goal in this program is to Push You to do More, to help you position yourself as an authority. Below is what’s Included in this option:

✔ 5 Week/Sessions Coaching & Accountability Program Entailing:  

✔ One 90-minute coaching call once a week plus 1 Fast Q&A Bonus Wrap Up Session (in total 6 calls).  

✔ A custom blueprint to hit your goal and a proper marketing plan to follow.  

✔ Full access to me through Zoom, Messenger and/or WhatsApp for inquiries, questions, feeling stuck etc.  

✔ Guide to Creating Your Own Branded Online Presence Aka Website & Why you might want to do this! Plus, the Best Program to take that Brand to a whole new level!  

✔ If you decide on the above; ideas for blog content & social media channels.  

✔ A proven DMO to keep you focused, consistent and create massive results in your business.

✔ Your Marketing Materials 

✔ Daily Activities

✔ Access to Our Facebook Community of over 900+ members Other marketers and entrepreneurs To Help keep you accountable and focused on the Prize i.e. Your Goal - Priceless.

When we started our entrepreneurial journey, over 6+ years ago, for over 18 months we struggled because we didn't have that personal guidance from a coach. Mostly because I thought I could do it all, afterall I have 2 Degrees and numerous qualifications. Bags of corporate experience, surely I could do this! WRONG...!  

The moment I got a coach our business Sprinted forward, Our desired results materialised. We started making sales like magic... Our imagined first timers luck of a 5-Figure month is now the norm! And For the first time EVER, I Love what I do on a daily Basis!

In short, our coach saved us TIME, Headaches, and a Fortune in our business. YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME! Investing in a coach is the smartest investment you can make because YOU are investing in YOU, your legacy!

If you apply today, and we accept you into our community, we will meet you where you need help the most and craft a marketing plan that fits your needs.

Imagine where your business could be 12 months from TODAY.


What Else Will You Get out of the IGNITE - 5 weeks Cuisine:

5 Personal Coaching Sessions PLUS a Wrap up Call with Julie (5K Value) 

A custom blueprint to hit your Major Goal and a Proper Marketing Mind Map and Plan to follow. ($397 Value)

A proven DMO to keep you focused, consistent and create massive results in your business. ($297 Value)

Optional Access to Our New Vip Mastermind the Winning Entrepreneurs Den, where you get to network, learn, grow Daily with your coach for the duration of your Sessions. (Depends on your Type of Business and digital presence.) (Over $30,000) 

Full access to your coach via Zoom, Messenger and/or WhatsApp for inquiries, questions, feeling stuck etc. (Priceless)

Total Value = $35,694

Your Investment TODAY Only - £927

This is Open to only 30 people per month and Usually sells out. So Reserve your place below Now, to avoid disappointment...

I Want The JAC Coaching


Recommend World Class Sales Funnel System, CRM & Analytics Tools and How to Maximize them For your Brand and Business. 

Customized DMO

The Fastest Scalable Way to Get Productive and Focus on What You are Good At Every Day!

You Will Get Many of These

With our Unique Marketing Techniques, SEO and Prospecting Tips!

JetSet Branding Mastermind event

Following coaching with Julie Syl, I've had a brand reach out to me because I got clearer on what I offer and bring to the marketplace. I created my very first ever webinar, I had a new client compare me to Tony Robbins…I am working on my coaching brand. I am on my way to having the best year ever… are you kidding me??? Thank you Julie Syl Christiana Itie 😘

JetSet Branding Mastermind - Lori Cabaruan testimonial

My target income from September to Next April is already earned...not to brag just wish to inspire and share about setting goals, dream big and work your goals every day. Wake up early with a purpose, work with a purpose, always be humble and God will lift u up…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK mam Julie Syl Kalungi from UK my mentor. I've learnt a lot from you especially about setting and working your goals and how to manage my time…  

Lorie Cabaruan, Network Marketer

Truth is: Life Can be hard, and it is not what you expect.  

Sometimes “There is so much going wrong it has taken centrer stage in your Life” YET, THAT RIGHT THERE is Your Sign.  

We want you to know that JAC has got your back, ready to IGNITE your Fire into a Blaze to Light the way. We’ll be coaching you through your confusion, frustration, and overwhelm to the Light, Love and Expansion you Crave!  

We’ll be there for you when you’re confused about your next step, when you’re spinning in overwhelm or procrastination, or when your Systems and Resources are causing you to feel disempowered.

Let’s break through your Stagnation, Doubts, Fears and those times when you just want to Quit because you feel guilty or ashamed that you’re not further ahead in your business or life and you have People Looking Up to you! Let Me Tell you this NOW:  

YOU have a Gift and Blessing, A Purpose. YOU have a Vision and a Mission. YOU are a Blessing that Someone Is praying For Right Now.

Its your Time My Friend.

If you’re a marketer, a business owner, a coach, a ministry leader, or soul-driven person who wants to find his or her true path to IGNITE your Passion, LIVE it, then our JetSet Academy Coaching IGNITE Process is for you.  

It’s time to Soar!

Don’t wait, maximize your Business Growth with a Business Transformational Coach Now. Your Investment TODAY Only - USD $927.00  

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