Access World Class Marketing Strategies, Resources, and Sales Systems to Attract your IDEAL High Paying Clients Faster, 10x your Income, & Grow 10x Faster?

JetSet Academy Coaching ("PROPEL")

Take the Stress out of Your Business Growth 

  •  12 weeks of Mentorship and Mastermind Program with JAC and a World Class Coach. To save you time, so you can focus on what you are good at and create a Solid Residual Income! 
  • This is Open to Only 10 People Per Month.
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Everything inside our IGNITE Program PLUS: 

1. Zone in on Your Why and Message AND Discover WHATS HELD YOU BACK Thus far!

2. Defining your Unique Selling Personality and Point so you can make the right offer!

3. Craft Your Message in an attractive package

4. Create your Sales Funnel and Start Building Your List 

5. Introduction to Social Media Advertising - Focus on Pinterest Ads

6. Improving your email marketing strategies 

7. Automation and Leverage - All the Tools, Resources, and a System 

you will need to Free your time to Focus on What you do best!

8. How to Attract your Tribe in the next 90 days! 

9. Help You Make Your First Product Sales 

10. Your Marketing Materials 

11. Name Recognition 

12. Daily Activities

For over 18 months we struggled because we didn't have that personal guidance from a coach and mentor. Mostly because I thought I could do it all, after all I have 2 Degrees and numerous qualifications. Bags of corporate experience, surely I could do this! 


The moment I got a coach our business Sprinted forward. Our desired results started materializing. We started making sales like magic... Our imagined first timers luck of a 5-Figure month is now the norm! And For the first time EVER, I Love what I do on a daily basis!

In short, our coach and mentor saved us TIME, Headaches, and a Fortune in our business. YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME! Investing in a coach is the smartest investment you can make because YOU are investing in YOU, your legacy!

If you apply today, and we accept you into our community, We will go into the trenches together! We will find your voice and North Star Together! 

Imagine where your business could be 12 months from TODAY.


What Else Will You Get out of the 12-week Cuisine:

12 Small Group Coaching Sessions OR 1-on-1 (T&Cs apply) Incl. 2 Live Q & A Coaching Calls with Julie Syl. Plus a Wrap Up Session/s. Total 12 Sessions.  

Each call is an opportunity to deep dive into your business, get unstuck, generate fresh ideas, get feedback on what you're working on, and experience a breakthrough in your business. You will also advance your skills and mindset as a marketer & entrepreneur! We will cover a Different marketing strategy every month and help you build a simple but effective Sales Funnel for your business! (15K Value)  

A custom blueprint to hit your goal and a proper marketing plan to follow. ($397 Value)  

You Get to Build and monetize your audience. Create and package your offers and/or Brand. And sell your offers consistently on and offline. ($538 Value)  

A proven DMO to keep you focused, and consistent, and create massive results in your business. ($297 Value)  

Full access to Julie Syl through Zoom, Messenger, and/or WhatsApp for inquiries, questions, feeling stuck, etc. ($Priceless)  

Ultimate Tools and Resources Checklist and Business hacks I use to Create a Consistent Monthly Income! ($Priceless)  

A Guide to Personal Branding and Blog Set Up. This helps you Set Up A complete blog with branded Header or Banner. ($1597 Value) If you have a Website: You get a Professional Review of Your Website and a Masterclass on Traffic Getting! And...  

Authority: A Guide to How you become an Authority and Influencer. This program walks you through the process of building an expert business. – ($Priceless)  

A Printable Daily Planner to Keep You Organized and On Track, Your Marketing Materials PLUS A proven DMO to keep you focused, consistent, and create massive results in your business. ($599)  

NOT Forgetting: Accountability to make sure you are getting things done Daily ($ Priceless)  


Total Value = $18, 428

You also get The Bonuses below:

✔ 1-on-1 Call Walking You Through Your WP website – $297 Value

✔ 1-on-1 30-Minute Call Creating Your First Blog Post – $397 Value

✔ 1-on-1 30-Minute Walkthrough on Getting Traffic to Your Blog – $797 Value

✔ Access to my LinkedIn Influence - Strictly Optional - $497 Value 

✔ 1 Year Full Access to Our Exclusive Video Vault at Over $10,000  



Typically, this type of 3-month Coaching, mentorship, and mastermind program where you get more than twice a month personal and direct access to a world-class mentor would be $10K - $40K. But I’m offering you this opportunity for the 3-month mentorship and mastermind program because I love to see more people Succeed. So...

Your Investment TODAY Only - $2,997.91 

(3 Months Payment Option Available.)

This Program is Open to Only 10 people per month! 


With a World Class Sales Funnel System, CRM & Analytics Tools and How to Maximize them For your Brand and Business. 


The Fastest Scalable Way to Get to a Global Audience and Market!

You Will Get Many of These

With our Unique Marketing Techniques, SEO, and Prospecting Tips!

It doesn’t matter what country you live in or what your Business or Enterprise is…

Getting Consistent Clients On or Offline comes down to having a systematic way for Attracting and Serving them! We do whatever it takes to get you to that stage. This will work for you regardless of where you live or what your business/enterprise is. The marketers and entrepreneurs who can get the word out about what they do are the ones who are in-demand.  

Somebody is getting paid to do what you do in your area this very second. Why not you? Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Business owners are creating life-changing incomes online and you need to get serious about marketing yourself. You need to wake up every day with specific activities that you know, with 100% certainty, will get your Diary filled with excited willing, and able customers and Teammates!  

And that’s what we focus on inside the JetSet Academy Coaching Propel Program… Filling your calendar with exciting Paid gigs or Clients consistently. It doesn’t matter what your niche is, where you live, or how long you’ve been at it…  


By the time you’re done, you’ll have a systematic way to Attract Clients to Your Brand and Business!

Some of the Entrepreneurs We’ve Worked With & Helped Soar:

Winning Entrepreneurs Den - Dr Miriam Sekandi Testimonial
Judith Sekyonda Testimonial for Julie Syl Kalungi Coach

I have continued to increase my FB engagements moreover in messenger, built and added a reasonable number of business owners, non biz people. This was my goal as soon as I learned how to purposefully engage and make connections. I'm continuing with building my speaking confidence through doing FB lives with 90day Blitz. And I'm proud of myself thank you Julie and to Y'all winners! Lets Laser Focus, Keep serving and selling with our stories!!! ~ 

Christina Losonsky  

“I just cannot comprehend how so fast in such short a time I have grown and expanded. I like my coach (Julie Syl’s) no nonsense attitude to business and growth of her client (me). In this short time, my coach has taught me to value time and self. I have also been able to publish my book both as a paper back and an eBook and I have created a Brand and had a website built. The Staff/Team at JetSet Academy Coaching (JAC) are very competent, helpful and nice. I do highly recommend JAC coaching services over and over...!”

Dorine Hope

Lori English- Client - Ultimate Pinterest Roadmap

“Julie You are My Godsend, Your Trainings have been a major contributor to my brand traffic and Your Pinterest training is Unbeatable. Thank You so much for what you have done for me over and above what you offer!”

Lori English

Julie thank you so much sweetheart, I really appreciate you so much. When I feel like am loosing it, you are right there to wake me up. 

Your Sessions give me hope and Inspiration to Keep on. You care for me and you wish the best for me. You go an extra mile for your clients. Thank you Julie from the bottom of my heart.😘 

Sylvie Mutesi.

I realised I was procrastinating on many things. I had slowed down in my action, especially with my online presence for my business. I realised that there is no such thing as later and I decided to Show up and cast one stone at a time to build my business. Following Julie Syl’s Video Training. I got new a group of 5 corporate clients and made a new product sale too.

Maria Vince

When you connect with the "RIGHT" people, good things happen. Julie Syl Kalungi you always remind me that happiness and success comes down to your mind, thoughts, your attitude and You are 100% in control of what you are thinking… When you go OUTSIDE your box, and haven't the knowledge to get far very quick, having a mentor to help you along the way can help you cut the learning curve... I could type all day about how I feel but I am just going to encourage you to get a TRUSTWORTHY mentor, like I did.  

~ Elizabeth Nanteza Lubwama – CEO Mpenzi Designs  

At JetSet Academy Coaching we pride ourselves in Being the ultimate program for New Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Coaches who want to align with your Soul High End Clients and Serve them from your Highest Self Consistently.  

In addition to all the training modules (hundreds of hours), we hold you accountable to your version of success!  

You get all the resources you need, to Propel and Expand Your Business to the Next level, so you don’t have to ever be Overwhelmed or Procrastinate on Your Vision, Unless you so choose! 

You’ll get mentorship, templates, checklists, training, accountability, and more, so you have the systems that allow you to Build a Business that Loves and Serves Your Lifestyle. 

You will fill up your schedule consistently with Happy-to-Buy Customers and/or Team mates. 

You’ll wake up every day knowing exactly what needs to get done, with a list of daily activities to get yourself booked more often...

Don’t wait, Maximize your Business Growth with a Business Transformational Coach.....Your Investment TODAY Only - $2,997.91  

(3 Months Payment Option Available to ease your payments)