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Julie Sylvia Kalungi Motivational speaker

If you want a heart-centered, powerful, unique, transformational speaker that will make your event incredible AND get your audience on their feet, you might consider booking Julie Syl Kalungi to be a speaker at your next event. Julie Syl is a master at looking into the Divine Natured Ability of an audience and delivers the perfect message for them! Julie Syl can fire up audiences of 100 to 1000+ and can speak on a variety of topics. She does it with passion, enthusiasm and with a view of leaving each and every participant transformed in spirit, ready to take ACTION towards their life goals irrespective of the past or current circumstances. Her speaking style is a mixture of fun, spiritual and depth. Her goal with any event is not just to inspire, but also to galvanize people to take ACTION. Julie Syl wants her trainings to be entertaining yet delivered with the purpose of impacting someone’s life directly. Meaning the audience leaves with ideas and blueprints for Action. Whether she’s speaking or teaching, Julie Syl brings it! Some of Julie Syl’s speaking topics include:  

Julie Syl Kalungi  Transformational Speaker

Julie Syl is a High Performance and Social media Coach with a Business Admin, Management and Legal Background. So any Topics in this genre are welcomed for Conferences, Workshops, Masterminds, Company Events or any Event that Involves Epowering, INspiring and Entertaining Participants! 

Julie Sylvia Kalungi Motivational speaker

- Wired for Success; Top Earner Recruiting Strategies - My Cup Is a Witness 

-Pinterest Expert Strategies - Scale Your Own Mountains – A Millionaire Mindset - Blogging & Lead Generation - Creating A Million Dollar Brand  

- A Resilient Woman in Leadership; Creating Other Leaders - Creating Your Love Centered Vision; 

- Monetize Your Passion - Take your Power Back; 

- How to Get More Leads & Sales Online

- The Art Of Pinterest Profits 

- And Much Much More....

About The Author - The Art of Pinterest Profits
MC Julie Syl Kalungi - Liverpool

Want Julie Syl Kalungi to Speak at Your Next Event? Click The "Book Now" Button & Let’s Do This!  

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Julie Syl Kalungi Inspirational Speaker and Trainer

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Julie Syl Kalungi Motivational and Transformational Speaker
Julie Sylvia Kalungi Motivational speaker

Want Julie Syl Kalungi to Speak at Your Next Event? Click The "Book Now" Button & Let’s Do This!  

Author of the Art of Pinterest Profits, Entreprenuerm Global Speaker and Trainer in Home Business!

Julie Syl Kalungi

Speaker. Author. High Performance & Business Coach