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Book Publishing Hacks That Work PLUS Our Amazon Selling Blueprint 

You want Lots of Kindles or Boxes Packed with Your Books, Sent off to Happy Buyers, every Blessed Week, Right? 

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  • Do you dream of writing a book, but have no idea what to do with it thereafter? Have you written a draft of your ideas, skills, insights and are blank as to what to do next? 
  • Ever Dreamt of publishing a book that sells, i.e. finds its way to the right audience over and over?
  • Have you written a book and published it and have no idea why it's not selling? 
  • Maybe you paid a "Publisher some serious $ and yet your book is not popping up in the Amazon "also looked at" lists at all. 
  • Your CreateSpace Tracking and Money back office is yawning...! You know your book is Great value, but your target audience is not finding it?
  • Apart from a few books given away at Book signings, via promos, and on Social media, your book is not finding itself onto readers' shelves...
  • And you have another book in you or even 5 yet you feel discouraged about the current lack of book sales...

Today this story could change if you make a Decision....


Is Write & Let It Sell Itself Your way?

You have a Book or 10 in You, maybe you have even Downloaded it from your brain aka written a draft. And you think that all you need to do is get it on Amazon and Job Done, right? WRONG

In fact, if you think Publishing is the work, you haven't tried to promote a book yet! 

And if you reckon promoting your first book AFTER publishing is the plan, you Already Missed the boat! In book writing and publishing, we at the Kalungi Group know that it's always important to stay ahead of the curve. 

Because of this, we wrote an E-book sharing our 11 Simple Steps you need to take to Publish your Book and Attract Sales Weekly On a passive level. 

And we also Offer as Extra Support with your Book Editing, Proofreading, and Formatting!  

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After working with Some of the best Authors and Publishers in the Last 4 years, as an Author, Web designer, and Coach, I've learnt the real deal all writers and authors need. And that is support and help with writing better books that Sell! 

Most people write a book like they are writing it for themselves. Random thoughts, ideas thrown on e-paper, and hopefully someone out there, in millions will love it...I am sorry to burst that bubble... 

But, bursting your bubbles is not my aim. My mission is to Help you Access what I know and help you write a book that sells. 

So Shall we...

After literally writing a book for over a year, yes you heard... I binned it and my first published book was in the Entrepreneurship and Business genre... I have spent the last 8 years writing and literally could have a Degree in that too. I have published over 400 articles, Numerous eBooks, and 3 International Publications or Published Books! ABOVE ALL, I have gotten pretty great at writing commercial, non-fiction, and entrepreneurial content. 

So, I decided to put together all my best writing resources, book plot templates, and chapter outlines, book launching, and marketing strategies into a new Resource and Program. 

Introducing Draft 2 Sold - Book Seller Code.

A 6 Step Bootcamp to Write. Publish. Sell more books! Also called...D2S


How to write compelling, gripping, customer-focused books and content. That the want to Buy & Recommend! 


Ways to attract and utilize customer reviews to your advantage. And Sell More Books


Tactics to develop a loyal social following, Grow Your Street Team. So that your Books Keep Selling. 

Did Somene Tell You that If You Write It, They Will Read It? In Other words It Markets Itself? 

Now that I've outlined a few of our book writing and publishing steps and burst some bubbles too, let's take a look at the benefits of this program, below.

We will help you make sure your book is as good as it can be before you go Public - We follow a Proven Checklist we learned and have tweaked to get results. That way we double-check your work and make sure you aren't missing essential parts. A few changes and amendments can make or break your book reach. ABOVE ALL reader satisfaction, which results in great reviews and is CRUCIAL to the long-term success of your book.

We'll help you narrow down the best Book Cover for your Book and Get the Visuals right. We will help you prepare your book for Publishing both as an e-Book or Paperback or both! 


What Can You Achieve with Our Support?

With our proven yet simple steps, you'll be able to write a book that reads great, Is e-Book and Print ready, optimize your marketing efforts by efficiently leveraging all available platforms to you! 

You will Get your message out to the world, while staying within your budget! You do have one, right? 

Write that Book Right!

Identify what kind of style and tone will work best for your target audience and readers.

Social Media 

Learn how to connect and build a tribe of people that will help you spread the word about your book. We call them Your STREET TEAM.


Receive tips on effective Pre and Post Publishing Marketing that will get more people Grabbing your book!

PLUS a BookPage; very Essential 

Continous Growth

Discover how to build A whole Course or Resources from Your Non-Fiction Book that will bring more income your way. Or Create a Marketing plan that keeps your books getting sold. Build a List that actually pushes your Book Sales and Offshoots into overdrive.


About Me

I have been in the coaching and marketing game for 8 years and with that experience came the passion to document, write and publish our Journey, to help new and budding Authors, marketers and entrepreneurs go from Draft to published to Sold aka Draft 2 Sold! 

I am a Teacher, formerly an NVQ Assessor in Business Admin, and I bring that to the table for you. Today I am a Business Success Transformational Coach and teach Digital Marketing Techniques that work for our JetSet Academy Coaching and Kalungi Group Clients! I also blog every week on Juleskalpauli.com

I am a Mother, I live in Liverpool and I am proud of my 24-year old marriage and 2 wonderful children! 

I am a Podcaster and Broadcaster, I host the "Your Power Echoes Show" A weekly power show that talks about all things Digital branding, Online Marketing, Content Development, and Business Growth!

I am an Entrepreneur, With 9+ years of building our family business on and offline. I know the challenges and struggles of working hard and now SMART to build success. 

And of course, I am an Author, I have written 6 books, and published over 800 articles, with more on the way. I understand the struggles of writing a book and marketing!  

With that in mind, I came up with a program that's so simple, yet proven to get your book from draft to the shelf and into eager readers' hands! From that, you can actually create other offers which we will suggest and you can make a choice... 

Outside of the coaching, branding, and marketing world, my family and I, are big fans of travel, cooking, footie, all things engineering, and creating awesome websites that impress and attract eyeballs in masses.

What Do Others Say? 

JetSet Academy Coaching - Dowriters

Happy Person

So Much Value in One Place!

"In this short time, my coach has taught me to value time and self. I have also been able to publish my book both as a paper back and an eBook and I have created a Brand and had a website built. I have also grown so much as a person... All in one month!"  

Dorine Hoppert

Happy Person

Amazing advice.

"I love the section on building a successful lead magnet. Being able to look at it from the customer's perspective has really changed my outlook on my marketing efforts." Joan B


By Taking on our D2S - Book-Seller Code Program Today, You're Getting Over £1000+ More in Bonuses For FREE  

BONUS #1. "Facebook Maximization ThinkTank, Helping You to Build SMART Relationships That Increase your Sales Base Fast"  

If You never heard of Attraction Marketing, or have been doing it all wrong. And you have no clue how to get your brand recognised online, Our marketing strategies will bring you the audience. And We show you EXACTLY what to do next... I.e. Build Those Profitable Relationships. These will in turn easily transform into new customers, business partners, and teammates...No Guesswork. Period.  

Value - £397

  BONUS #2. Julie Syl's Return on Investment Presentation  

In this action-packed presentation, Julie Syl shares how to grow a massively popular Facebook profile and Messenger Action...so you can get your Draft 2 Sold fee back. You will grow and scale your business like you never thought possible. With these strategies, you will have folks Looking for you and begging to buy from YOU or join your team. This alone is worth the entire cost of Draft 2 Sold - Book Seller Code!  

£367 Value 

BONUS #3. Amazon Rank Maker Blueprint - This you need to see to understand the sheer value behind it for your book sales on Amazon, that the pricepoint can never match! 

£ 37 Value  

BONUS #4. Your Professional Online Book Page, to Promote your book and Brand You! (1 page) Extremely Essential to Your Book Marketing Success. 

£199 Value

BONUS #5. Two 60 min Calls with Julie Syl to go over your Book, Launch Strategy, and post-launch with a fine-tooth comb. The above 2 calls do not exclude you from contacting your Coach during the program and pre-launch of your book to discuss any challenges, ideas, or issues you may have along your publishing journey!  

Value: Priceless...

Whats Your Time worth? 

• Do you have an Idea where to start with your Book Writing, Launching and Promoting?

• Did you have a strategy or are you going to wing it and hope your way through the process, for the best? 

• How much time are you wasting by trying to DIY this? 

• How much are you planning on spending on marketing efforts that may or may not even work? 

• Do you know which ones exist and are you using the right resources and tools to give your book half a chance? 

• Would you like somebody to help you figure it all out faster and Write, Publish and Sell More books?  

Get your Draft 2 Sold - Book-Seller Code:

Publishing Hacks That Work + Our Amazon Selling Blueprint

The Draft 2 Sold: Book-Seller Code is normally £1997.00, but we really want to share it with you, so the link below will give you a massive discount. It's our way of helping you realize your Dream of making a global impact by writing a book that sells. A steal at £885! This won't last for long!

If our resources, guidance, and support don't help you write & publish your books with more confidence, we'll work with you for an extra 6 weeks!

(Or 2 payments of £450) - PayPal or Credit Card Accepted)

What Guarantee Do You Give? 

Draft 2 Sold is essentially a consultation with training, resources, and tools, included. 

My TIME and EXPERTISE are definitely on offer along with the above services. I guarantee you will have my full attention during our time working together. You will get all that is promised in the program above and much more. 

I believe that you will get so much more that I also guarantee I will do whatever I can to help you write a book that your audience can relate to and thus make an informed decision to buy! 

No one can guarantee more book sales, so unfortunately I cannot and I DONT Guarantee that! Rather, I will help keep you on track with your publishing success story. Anyone who promises & guarantees sales should be avoided. I am a coach and consultant who happens to know a thing or two about the business of writing, publishing, and marketing online as well as selling books. 

I promise to give you my time, knowledge, experience and expertise and help you as much as I can, yet these things cannot be returned, can they?

Sick and Tired of Getting Way below Par?

Well, I was and I am sure you too must be tired of Boxed Courses that promise so much and deliver Oh-so-little. A whole lot of "coaches" offer training on business success but don’t want to even talk to you? 

See, they want you to buy their "packaged course" but don't really wish to get on a call and actually talk you through what needs doing? Very few do this today and those who do, charge an Arm and a Leg for it, keeping New Writers out of the loop. That’s a real shame. Because in my humble view, talking is how you really get things done and build relationships that last a lifetime. That’s why that one-on-one guidance is such a big part of the ​Draft-2-Sold program. 

NOTE: Draft-2-Sold isn’t a Boxed coaching. It’s a hands-on program with resources, tips, Downloadables, guidance, research, tools, services, AND Strategy to get your book Written, Published, and targeting the right people using promotional strategies that work today!  

Is Draft 2 Sold Right For You? 

Get Started Today £885