You want FASTER RESULTS IN YOUR BUSINESS. To end the merry-go-round, start to see more of why you started your business... You didn't start your business to keep WORKING SO HARD JUST To pay the Bills and/or Autoship. Yes?

This IS your ONE Missing Link. This is where I Pull back the curtain and share with You what has allowed me to Create Massive Success in the last 7+ years. And you too could Use the same Model to Create Your NEXT LEVEL Success and Impact More Lives Fast. Thus, Live with Passion and Build a Business That Loves and Serves Your Lifestyle? Find Out more Below... 

Julie Sylvia Kalungi - K-Web Social And Author of Joy-Recipes for Abundance
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My Promise To You is, If You Follow THE Weekly Action Steps Over the Next 30 Days that I share inside the Winning Entrepreneurs Nation, You Will Get A Desired Change and Results In Your Business & Life...  

Whether you are New to your business/career or you have been at it for a while...YOU WILL Get Results!  

See Below How this is Possible...  

Every week, We Broadcast LIVE In Our Exclusive Premier Mastermind Lovingly Called "The WeNation."  

Hello from Julie Syl Kalungi's desk... Let me ask you a question... Have YOU MADE A DECISION TO WIN? 

Well, my friend, you have the key today. All of your doubts, overwhelm, procrastination, frustrations, helplessness ends TODAY, right now, For you are about to discover… 

How You can start attracting More Clients/Sales and Teammates if you follow our Battle Tested Sales, Recruiting Strategies and Weekly Steps...

You need a Power Circle that Holds you accountable for your success DAILY. One that helps you build a business or brand that feels totally in sync with your Values, Mission, and Needs today. 

One that Shares with you Weekly Focused Power Action Steps that Obliterates Procrastination and Overwhelm, so you get your desired results More Faster. 

It is time to either CREATE, Skyrocket or Reinvigorate your business by joining the Winning Entrepreneurs Nation. 

Become a Winning Entrepreneur TODAY and Receive your Success DMO. Time to Rise & Shine.

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Would Finally Making Money In Your Business WEEKLY Change Your Life In Some Way?

👉 Maybe it will ease financial pressure, you could pay off some long-overdue bills/debts 

👉 Finally take your loved ones on that vacation you’ve been putting off for ages 

👉 Stop the famine-to-feast-yo-yo lifestyle. The scrimping, and buy the things you really desire

👉 Pay your mortgage or rent in time and have lots left over for fun.

👉 Never worry about paying your car lease late ever again, or maybe buy that car finally...

👉 You Do want to wake up to e-mail message like this below daily Yes, yes? Well You Can, with what I share with you today...

Get Paid online

Why Winning Entrepreneurs? My Story

Back in 2013 I started an exciting journey as an entrepreneur...Without a Roadmap or any Training in Sales

I had what others call "beginner's luck." In the first 6 weeks, I built a team of over 250+ and made 5 figures. Then flatlined and the company closed, with the 5 figures I had made :( ...To say I was upset, verging on depressed, would be an understatement. 

I joined a few other gigs and for over 18 months, I made no tangible progress! I lost my family a lot of money, frustration was my constant shadow. This was me trying to DIY it and I got no real visible success. I tell you Hope Marketing is the Worst Strategy for YOU and Your Family's well being

At the suggestion of my then business partner, I posted my business links on Social Media and anywhere I could, I joined Follow for follow, Share for Share groups, I blogged all day long. I created and shared business cards, dropped at doctors' surgeries, on the local Tesco advert board, every Chruch I could hit. Nowhere and Nothing was safe from my enthusiasm for this New Project. 

I had the Zeal, I had the hunger... I DID NOT HAVE The Resources or WINNING STRATEGIES to create the Results esp. residual Income I so hungered after... Nor the system to point my team to, so they too could grow...

I spammed the heck out of all my family, friends, and anyone within arm's length of me anywhere...To say I was frustrated would be an understatement...Until I stumbled across a Webinar and Training and found my first Coach and Mentor. I realised I needed a Plan/Strategy, System and Process to Build a Tribe of Similar Peopole around me! 

Can You Relate? 

The good news is, I have since invested further heavily in Branding, Marketing, and Selling Skills. In Prospecting, Sales, and Social media Marketing, And Worked on My Mindset...I also continue to work with amazing Entrepreneurs and Teams across the world and Teach others globally! 

In 2016 my partner and I launched the JetSet Academy Coaching Program for entrepreneurs and marketers like you who are ready to make that transition from frustrated, lost, DIYing, hoping for manna from heaven, to Driven, Focused and Productive Entrepreneur...

If truth be told, for most new home business owners, coaches, online, and network marketers it's not your fault. There are many leaders, uplines, and trainers that quite frankly have no clue what they are doing, and others are teaching marketing and social media the wrong way... In ways that will never work for the new person trying to make their first paycheck and hopefully rankup. Or that business owner trying to get their business online infront of their target market.  

For years, I have been part of several movements working towards Promoting BETTER Relationship building, cracking personal branding, online and Social media practices… and marketing Strategies.  

And while many have heard what I share and love it… there are still countless millions who need our help. So…

Will you lock arms with Me and work diligently to build YOUR Successful business or brand Online? An increasing Residual Income and the lifestyle you dream of, all the while walking the right way and helping others do the same? 

Would you like to Posture up, present yourself as the expert you are with confidence and Be the Life Changer you are meant to be? 

Will you commit to Share the integral way, to market online and help others do the same? Then...

Go Right Ahead and read this page to find out what being a Winning Entrepreneur is all about... and why this can be such a game-changer for you!

Very Briefly Here is what you will get:

🥊 LIVE Weekly Training Bites, to help you get Sales & Sign-ups  

🥊 Instant Access to 300+ pieces of training on Prospecting, Follow up, CLOSING and Maintaining Your Customer/Team base  

🥊 WeNation Community and Family to help you 24/7  

🥊 Done-for-you Downloadables to help you get Leads FASTER


Who Is It For and What Else Do You Get? Get Results and Transform Your Life Today, See below 

who is the Winning Entrepreneurs Den for?


The Winning Entrepreneurs Nation #WeNation is an "Exclusive Nation and Mastermind" online where new, start up or more seasoned entrepreneurs like yourself; marketers, business owners, consultants, and service providers can learn and grow WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed, discouraged or looked down upon by some leaders and trainers who just don't get your pain!...It's NOT just another Facebook group.  

It's your SAFE place to learn, grow, and implement battle tested and proven online and social media marketing strategies to grow your business or career on or offline.  

You'll gain Full private 24/7 Access to an exclusive "Closed Facebook". PLUS all the game-changing POWER LIVE and REPLAY Training, Strategies, and Updates.  

Our MAIN FOCUS and MISSION is to help YOU and your team grow, increase, create results, and advance in YOUR MISSION. Once you're inside the WeNation, you'll love the Weekly training sessions, great opportunities, scripts & downloads, competitions, bonuses and much more to help you in your quest to hit that next residual income aim, rank, or whatever your mission is.

Here is What ELSE Goes on in the WeNation...

DAILY Action Steps. Weekly Accountability Tracking, Prizes Galore...Plus Much More.

Brand Building Comunity

W.E.N - You will be part of a community of like-minded men, women, mompreneurs & dadpreneurs who love and support each other's Growth. And Celebrate Every Win. NO win is Too small in this community for each Micro win contributes to the Mega Macro Vision and Dream! 

Winner's Mindset 

We'll share our recommended Reading and Listening Resources to help you Build a Winner's mindset, which is necessary to Create lasting wealth. This may include books, curated playlists of our favorite podcast episodes from all over, filled with actionable marketing, branding and personal success advice from Globally sought-after consultants - Successful mamas and papas.

Fun Marketing - Weekly Action Steps

Never heard of Personal Branding Before? No problem. You'll get a Weekly Action Steps or even quick exercises designed to help you discover or reinvigorate your business and niche. It will be fun and definitely SIMPLIFY your Activities. These are designed to help you Demolish Procrastination and Overwhelm, and Just Get It Done. The more fun you have the more results you will get!

We can't think of anything more excruciating than knowing you're meant for more, but not knowing how to get there. Maybe you have a list of accomplishments a mile long yet finding the right support feels like searching for a needle in a haystack.  

You see, most experts are too intimidated by what you've already done or desire to accomplish, they don't have the courage to probe past your defenses so you can release the blocks that are holding you back.  

You need someone who can both teach you new skills to advance your career and business help you dive deep into yourself, and hold you accountable to your big vision WEEKLY.  

Your Rocking Social Brand

We both know that Social media is one of the easiest places to find your; Team, tribe, customers and partners, right? It's also the best place to test out your product and find your customers in large numbers! 

We'll share battle-tested Techniques, Tips, and Guidance for rolling out your product/service esp. on Facebook, or any other platform you use, for more results in your Mission! 

You will start to Attract more Leads, People who see you as an expert, an authority in your niche. You will Be able to Expose your BRAND/BUSINESS/OFFERS to more People, FOLLOW UP and CLOSE More Sales than ever before. For many, they make their very FIRST SALE or ENROL A Team Member inside the WeNation! 

How do you think that will impact your confidence? Your relationships with your partner, work, children, friends?

Winning Entrepreneurs Den _ Social Media Profile
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Winning Entrepreneurs Den - Felisha Drummond Testimonial
Winning Entrepreneurs Den_NelimaL
Winning Entrepreneurs Den_Founder Member
Winning Entrepreneurs Den_JaneBrenda
winning entrepreneurs den_ founding member
Winning Entrepreneurs Den - Bonani
Winning Entrepreneurs Den - Dr Miriam Sekandi Testimonial

Today I had the privilege of getting a brand review by Julie Syl Kalungi, an awesome business coach and mentor. It is evident that branding is one of her strong points. She is one of the instrumental people in what I have set to achieve in this lifetime. I learnt so much could write a book. Check out her profile and what she has to offer you won’t be disappointed. ~ Bonani Mapundu

Felisha Drummond Winning Entrepreneurs Den Founder Member

I’ve learned so much from the Den. It has kept me from drifting aimlessly and holds me accountable for every action and non action necessary for a successful business. It has taught me so much about Entrepreneurship and being a goal oriented business woman and has given me tools necessary to achieve the success I am seeking and yet it keeps right on giving. I Am Truly Grateful To Be A Part Of This Dynamic Group Of Individuals😘😘👍🏽💕💕👍🏽👍🏽

Winning Entrepreneurs Den Success Stories
Winning Entrepreneurs Den Success Stories
Winning Entrepreneurs Den Success Stories

Access The Winning Entrepreneurs Nation

SILVER Monthly Subscription Standard



Get Access To

Weekly Live Training Sessions. Weekly Goal Setting, And Tracking + Q&A

Value: £99/Month 


  • The Community - Hangout (£897 Value) 
  • The Network (£397 Value) 
  • The Resources (£2497 Value) 
  • The Replays (Priceless)


GOLD Monthly Subscription Pro - Ignite



Get Access To  

All The Silver Benefits PLUS: 

5 Weeks 1-1 JAC Coaching. Access to 8 Modules of Exclusive Bonus Business Building Tools & Strategy Trainings.  

Value: £299/Month  


  • The Community - Hangout (£897 Value)
  • Weekly 1-1 Hangout for 5 weeks. (£967 Value) 
  • The Network (£397 Value) 
  • The Resources (£4497 Value 
  • The Replays (Priceless) 

Private Class: 90 Mins One-On-One Coaching With Julie Syl


Let's FOCUS on the Key Areas of Your Business that need Attention. Plus Tools that get You Unstuck, Eliminate the Struggle, and Help you Create Momentum.  

THIS IS For you, If you know exactly what you want, for others, Yet, it’s a challenge to know where to start to Achieve Your Goals.  

Even fewer people ever reach their goals because they were never taught what it takes to be successful.  

In such a Session, we will Focus on Your Daily DMO, Processes, Strategy + Your Limiting Beliefs, and How that Impacts your Business.  

We'll Then Lay out a strategy that is easy to follow, based on your Business Model and one that makes the most sense.  

If you believe you could benefit from one-on-one with me, book a call today.

I' am Ready to Win

By Joining Winning Entrepreneurs Nation Today, You're ALSO Getting £2,048+ in Bonuses For FREE

BONUS 1: FULL & UNRESTRICTED Access To ALL The Video Recordings Inside The Group 

Watch them anytime, anywhere. The best, fastest way to get where you know you need to be is by watching Julie Syl's #DailyWin training. They're posted in the group, live, but you'll have access to ALL the recordings (I know this is crazy-valuable as every Week new Assets ARE added, Others would remove this) so you don't have to worry about when or how you watch. 

£697 Value

Dr Pauli Kalungi of JetSet Academy Coaching UK

BONUS 2: Dr. Pauli's "Productivity Tracking Resource" Created Specifically FOR Savvy business owners and Online Entrepreneurs.

What you don't measure or track you cannot scale and what you cant scale you cant win big at. You will do a stellar job of keeping track of your Actions and progress! Want a way to quickly and easily input and review ALL your important stats...without a complicated learning curve? With our WeN Activity Tracker, you'll basically have an accountability partner 24/7. Plus we do give some amazing rewards, and prizes...all while increasing your productivity. 

£597 Value


BONUS 3: Julie Syl's Return on Investment Presentation 

In this action-packed presentation, Julie Syl shares how to grow a massively popular Facebook profile and Messenger you can recover your Winning Entrepreneurs Nation fee back. You will grow and scale your business like you never thought possible. With these strategies, you will have folks Looking for you and begging to buy from YOU or join your team. This alone is worth the entire cost of Winning Entrepreneurs Nation!

£367 Value

BONUS 4: Our "Facebook Maximization ThinkTank, Helping You to Build SMART Relationships That Increase your Sales Base Fast"  

If You Never heard of Attraction Marketing, or have been doing it all wrong. And you have no clue how to get your brand recognised online, Our marketing strategies will bring you the audience. And We show you EXACTLY what to do next... I.e. Build Those Profitable Relationships. These will in turn easily transform into new customers, business partners, and teammates...No Guesswork. Period.  

£297 Value

Why This Is Different From Other Online Masterminds And Why You Need To Understand This Now

First Its SIMPLE, EVERGREEN and WORKS 100% if You Apply the #DailyWin and Lessons shared.

You’ve heard others say it before, but this Mastermind truly does change everything you’ve been taught about making money online.  

You don’t need a website, or an email list, or even a product of your own to get started making money...Not as a Newbie, maybe later.  

There’s no waiting for anything… The results come as soon as you start applying the techniques… and the money is not far behind. 

Because the step-by-step training, case studies, Scripts, Downloads, etc. are truly a complete system and include EVERYTHING you need to go from ZERO to HERO. This could easily be the LAST Mastermind and Training you Buy this year.

For just £44.50/mo (that's 1.48 pence a day, at over 70% off), you’ll get instant access to the Winning Entrepreneurs Nation and all The Bonus gifts Shown above.

Now, if I offered to give you £5,000 worth of training that may catapult your business to the next level, would you give me £44 to access it?  

Of course, you would. Every rational person I’ve ever asked this question says yes without hesitation. So why would we do this? Simple. I was there, I struggled ,I cried myself to sleep before, I hate to see others struggle and I know we can Help Many More...Those ready for the change...

The Winning Entrepreneurs Nation Is Changing Lives on a Massie Scale. You Are Next 

We can't wait to help you discover what your Success blueprint should look like daily, literally for under 1.50pence a day.  

Thing is, we have always wanted to raise the bar and help as many people as possible Build success with their chosen Business.  

So, we made Winning Entrepreneurs Nation accessible to ALL by reducing the price to such a Value fee that anyone would be able to join.  

Anyone can come up with £44.50 in one month to access Winning Entrepreneurs Nation. Its a Steal at this price! Plus if you decide to Leave, You can keep the Bonus Gifts as a Thank you for Giving Winining Entrepreneurs Nation a Fair Go!  

Become a Winning Entrepreneur Today, Choose the Annual Option and get 1 month Free! Click Button Below

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To Your Abundance  

Julie Syl Kalungi

P.S: By the way, this is for Marketers and Busness owners. So if you are new or need to scale up in your business and do sell or are planning on selling anything via Social media this is for you.  

P.P.S: If you are still reading this and still unsure, I encourage you to hop in and if you aren't blown away by day Seven, You can Leave with the value and Bonuses you would have got. If you paid for a year, just reach out to our support for a refund less 1 month and Admin costs. But I believe you are going to send me a personal thank you by day Seven.  

Winning Entrepreneurs Nation

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